The Power of List Building for Internet Marketing

The number one way for new users to make money on the internet involves email marketing. There are many different programs or schemes you can implement to create an income stream from the web. Affiliate marketing, direct sales and advertising are the three basic models that most people are trying to leverage into a paycheck. One thing you need to make any of these work is people or in internet lingo traffic to your site and links. While search engine optimization and link building are important tools of the trade the most important thing you can have in marketing is a list. A network-marketing list consists of contacts, at least name and email address for each person. You may have seen advertisements offering to sell you this type of list for your business. The key however is to build a targeted hotlist of potential customers. Here are a few tips to help you do just that.Find a TargetConsider carefully who your target audience will be. Look at the products or services you plan to offer and begin matching it to the people who are going to want what you have. Too often commercially compiled lists are merely a compilation of people who have purchased something on the internet recently. For all you know they were purchasing fencing equipment, while your network marketing plan is focused on computer parts. This type of list is only going to provide you limited results at best.Build Your OwnThe best network-marketing list you can have is one that you have compiled yourself based upon common interests. You want people interested in your topic over just generic traffic. There are ways to further tweak the list building process where you find the highly targeted traffic that is ready to purchase, but that is a bit more advanced.FreebiesProbably one of the best list building tools you have at your disposal are freebies. People love getting something for nothing and in turn, you build a potentially profitable targeted list. Of course, this means your freebie needs to be something associated with your product. It will do you little good to give away a free dog training guide if you are selling or promoting weight loss products. Compile your own eBook or set up an e-training course and offer it free on your site, all customers need to do is enter their email address!CautionNever use underhanded techniques to build your lists. You should always strive to first give quality before asking for a purchase. Provide people with good information or service in your free offerings before you send them links to an affiliate program or banner. If your offerings are spammy or always advertisements you will quickly find your list dwindling as people opt out.Another common mistake network marketers make with a good list is to overuse it. It is tempting to throw every offer you can think of to your list, the lure of quick easy money is difficult to resist. However, you need to look at marketing as a marathon and not a sprint; slow and easy wins the day! Be particular about offers you send to subscribers, they will appreciate it and be more inclined to take the few you do send seriously.ConclusionEmail lists are the backbone of network marketing provided they are compiled and used correctly. Remember to treat your members with respect and offer them solid information or offers. Abuse the list and while you may make a good profit in the short-term, over the long haul you will find yourself continuously re-building the list from scratch.

Offline Direct Marketing Follow Up Tactics

Creating an e-dialogue with your customers has its rewards and challenges.

Are you prepared? If you’ve already integrated email into your marketing plan, you know that gathering the email addresses of your customers and prospects (while essential) is only the beginning. Lead follow-up is the key to continuous business. After all, customers buy when their ready to, not when companies want them to. So, if a small business keeps in contact with their leads, they will most likely walk away with the sale. That is why many companies must adopt a lead follow-up system: so they are the one standing there when the prospect is ready to become a customer. But, lead follow-up needs to be consistent, even persistent, right? So, when does lead follow-up change from continuous contact to pestering?

Here are a few offline direct marketing follow up tactics you can use:

  • Offline direct marketing follow up tactics #1:

Offer something of value in the follow-up. The point of lead follow-up is to warm the leads that weren’t ready to buy yet. Give them something they will appreciate. This gives you another “excuse” for contacting the lead and makes them feel obligated to you. Staying in contact is the key, even if the prospect is not asked to purchase something every time.

  • Offline direct marketing follow up tactics #2:

slow the lead follow-up down. If the prospect seems irritated by the constant communication, slow it down. As long you have the prospects information, your lead follow-up can be adapted to meet the needs of your prospects. But don’t let too much time pass before you contact them again. Consistent lead follow-up needs to be made to increase the chance of a sale.

  • Offline direct marketing follow up tactics #3:

Integrate mail & email, Reach your customers, wherever they are. Today, that could be offline or online, phone, on paper or strictly electronically.

  • Offline direct marketing follow up tactics #4:

Process Marketing – Process marketing is the stuff you can do every day as part of your normal routine. It’s long term, grows over time and rarely requires you to spend your hard-earned cash. Use business cards, brand all your stationery with your URL, talk to people about your business and look for PR opportunities in the local press.

Affiliate Marketing Techniques

There are thousands of affiliate programs on the web, which claim to provide large profits. A lot of them provide banners to put on your website and get paid for it. In this case it needs for you to have a website with a lot of traffic.

Many affiliate programs offer you a variety of banners for your website but only few of them are effective. The main issue with the banners is their size. If you place a large banner, it will take a lot of time to get implemented. The best size for a banner should not be more than 15kb.

For graphical advertising you should keep the theme of your website in your mind. At one place graphical ads help out a lot in catching a visitor’s eye, it should not be in such a way that other things on the page go unseen.

Some affiliate companies provide pop up or pop under ads. But pop ups are not so good because chances are that they are being closed by the user before they even load. Its better to go with pop unders that only get displayed once per visit.

For marketing the best thing to use are the text link ads. They use less space and low bandwidth and can be easily implemented in most page layouts. They also give a small briefing about why a visitor should check the offer.

Direct Marketing

Email marketing has been one of the ways for direct promotion of your products and services through your mail. However it also has boosted a lot of spam on the other side. If you want to advertise directly through mails then you should be available for any queries to answer.

If you have the ability for generating sales for company’s you must contact them for an arrangement. If you do not get any answer immediately then you must wait for a while as companies receive a lot of offers from affiliates every day.

Generally the affiliates are not able to deliver what they promise and companies are very much aware about this.