In Direct Sales – Get Yourself a Herd

Get yourself a herd.

- Dan Kennedy

You offer products and services that you believe are the best in your industry. There are tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of people who have used your products and services and believe, just like you do, that what you’re offering is the best to be found. This is your herd. And others – your prospects – will follow once they see that your herd exists.

-Mark Joyner

Two of the strongest voices in marketing today – one in Direct Response, the other in Internet Marketing, both have the notion that people think in packs.

And they’re absolutely right. The “herd mentality” as it’s called has been documented and edified throughout modern history. But how do you create a herd? How do you find your herd?

Go out and start building it – then tell people it exists.

Simple, but not always easy. In direct sales, we can use expos, fairs and other community events to create interest in our products, but it’s the stories behind those products that create herds. Testimonials and success stores that are documented go a long way to preparing your new herd (prospects) to join your existing herd.

If your brand new to a company, use stories from other consultants. “Facts tell, but stories sell” is a common quote in the sales industry, and it’s true. Stories allow your customers to relate to the product, develop a need for the product, and eventually make what I call an affirmative buying decision.

If your product is appropriate, offer free samples in exchange for testimonials. Document the effects. Use video whenever possible, because you can always add it to your website at a later date.

If you’ve been with your company for a while, you should be developing a litany of customer comments, testimonials and praises for your product as well as yourself. It’s important to reinforce yourself in the client’s mind as the authority on your product and your market. In Mark Joyner’s Book Mind Control Marketing, Mark suggests: “If a command comes from the mouth of an authority we recognize, we tend to obey”.

Words to live by in Direct Sales. The more you position yourself as an authority on your product and your market, the more convinced your prospects will feel that they are making the best choice for themselves. This is especially true when you couch your presentation in a method that has their best interests at heart.

It’s one of the biggest reasons why home parties are so popular. Hosts (the authority) invite friends to meet a professional in the comfort of their home. The consultant has a perceived authority because the host trusts the consultant enough to invite them into their home. The” herd” grows when the guests book their own parties and continue the cycle. By booking more parties, the consultant increases their demand as well as their authority. More people see the consultant as an expert, which again increases authority. This is part of the reason why direct sales consultants generally have a more difficult time in their first few months of business. It takes time for most people to establish authority and expertise in any subject area.

Once you’ve developed the makings of a herd, let people know about it – and reward your herd for spreading the word. The cost for referral gifts is minimal compared to the tremendous amount of good will and repeat business generated.

Expand Your Business Possibilities With Direct Email Marketing Software

Email marketing campaigns are no doubt a very good technique of being in contact with future and present customers. Though, they only work as specified if they are customized. You will be amazed to know that this does not automatically involve a lot of work; you can use the correct e-mail software to get the work done completely and with the least amount of disturbance.

Many professional organizations providing this service ensure that their customers will sure be in a situation to get the preferred popularity and their messages will not become unobserved by the receivers as scam. This is because they make use of productive and spam-free services and they ensure that the marketing message will directly go to the inbox of the intended recipient and making the marketing message to arrive at the suitable person is the first strong step in an email marketing strategy.

Actually, we would not be incorrect in telling that direct email marketing software is now element of every e-mail advertising campaign and businessmen employ it for the reason of mass email marketing. Furthermore, there is still some proportion of business society that does not think e-mail marketing software as worth using to the extent that its result with respect to drawing clients and increasing profit is concerned. They are of the view that such e-mails which are sent with the help of this marketing software are simply spam and do nothing as far as marketing your business is concerned.

The wonder of e-mail software is that you can use it not just to send out your newsletters and offers, but you can also check their efficiency.

The correct software will have the following elements:

1. Several fascinating templates: The email newsletters that you send out must have a proficient look otherwise the people who go through them will not be influenced. If you are provided with a collection of more than hundred templates then you will easily be able to send out splendid newsletters every time.

2. Uncomplicated personalization: The templates should have abundant custom fields so that you can insert as much unique data as required. Your customers will answer better to e-mail marketing campaigns if the messages are addressed directly to them.

3. Incorporation with social media: It is a big mistake to escape social media in your marketing strategy because this is where you will be able to communicate best with your customers.

4. Record management: You will need to send messages to definite sections of your customers from time to time. Your direct email marketing software should allow you to separate your list into different data sections so that you can mail them individually.

5. Self regulating campaigns: You must be able to set up your newsletters to go certainly based upon your requirements. Definite messages should be sent out on particular days of the week. You can also have e-mails to be delivered on customer’s birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

Before going in for direct email marketing software, it is necessary to be clear about what your recent needs are, and what your potential requirements are assumed to be and also to get in touch with other organizations in the related line of business to notice what their experience has been with different e-mail software. If an email marketing company offers you a free trial take them and seek a few other free trials as well. These trials will help you select “what is the most appropriate product for you”? Go through the reviews of different software programs, this will give you a good hint of the aptness of the software product that you want.

A Review of IMMACC – Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center

The Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center, known as IMMACC, was founded by seasoned entrepreneur and marketing expert, Gerald Van Yerxa, the owner of ConAsia Global Internet. As the former owner of a well-known advertising agency and a chain of highly successful radio stations in Western Canada, and a former member of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, Van Yerxa has incorporated his years of brick and mortar marketing experience into his internet mentoring and coaching program.

IMMACC’s vision is to empower individuals and businesses by offering them internet marketing education, mentoring and coaching that will enable them to master the techniques necessary to become successful internet marketers.

The core product is a powerful lifetime membership to a mentoring program that offers a complete state of the art internet marketing mentoring and coaching system with access to archived teaching and training videos as well as live mentoring and coaching sessions.

The highly successful online marketing and mentoring program was launched in January of 2008 as Big Ticket To Wealth, directing its energy toward providing an income opportunity for individuals who had a desire to make money online by developing their own internet marketing business.

Today, with an emphasis on teaching and training individuals how to effectively market virtually any product or service online, IMMACC is attracting online and offline business owners who want to enhance their online presence, as well as those looking to start up a new internet business.

Currently, the company has over 700 hours of archived training and education, three live mentoring sessions each week and a library of resources designed to equip its members with the means necessary to create successful and profitable businesses.

The training and education available to the members is continually updated and kept current with the changes and fluctuations within the internet marketing arena.

IMMACC identifies teamwork as a critical factor in the success of its program. Not only do members have direct access to a personal mentor, but the Coaching Center also provides access to the synergy that results from the sharing of knowledge and experience among the entire IMMACC team.

In addition to the mentoring and education, IMMACC offers a lucrative and powerful direct sales opportunity. Included in the cost of membership are the exclusive international affiliate rights to market the mentoring and training program. With every sale of the program generating a minimum $1,000 commission for the affiliate, this presents a very affordable (attractive) way for an entrepreneur to earn income while learning how to become a successful internet marketer.