Marketing – The Most Important Factor in Business

Marketing is the most important factor in business. Product manufacturing does not always make sure a sure success. Your product might be good by all means but if this is not marketed in proper channels it won’t generate desired results. Companies adopt varied marketing strategies. Marketing strategies depend purely on the nature of business.In the past it was the newspaper which served as the main advertisement and marketing medium. Then there was direct marketing. Direct marketing involves direct selling too which is commonly known as door to door marketing. Marketing through advertisements are now done on television, internet and telecommunication devices like mobile phones. The introduction of flex hoardings undated the traditional painted hoardings which had many limitations. A specialized marketing technique were introduced in the middle 80′s which created waves in the market. This was later termed Amway marketing. The company were able to sell their products at marginal rates as they were not using advertisement, which otherwise for the companies amount to a substantial yearly budget.The popularity of television proved to be a blessing for marketing companies. The scope and width of marketing increased many folds in the recent years. The development in the information technology has generously contributed to the brand establishments of many companies. Television is one of the most preferred means of publicity for the brands.The internet medium serves as a marketing and sales of many products. Internet is considered to be a virtual market place. Goods are available for the needed on different websites. Amazon and eBay continues to rule the e commerce sector of the internet. E-commerce is a multimillion dollar business platform. Many companies make substantial amount of turn over through internet. The advantage of of marketing over is the internet is its cost efficiency. Compared to other marketing methods internet marketing is the cheapest mode. But the output purely depends on the campaigns chosen.

How Higher Direct Mail Package Costs Can Increase Profits

When an organization needs to cut expenses, the direct mail budget is often one of the first targets.

And for executives not actively involved in acquiring, retaining or cross-selling customers, it’s sometimes difficult to understand why we’re spending so much on a direct mail package. Why not eliminate a component or two and get the costs down. After all, if we can maintain the same revenue levels and cut expenses, marketing profits will go up and everyone looks good.

At first glance, this argument may sound convincing but increasing profits by cutting package cost isn’t sustainable. In fact, direct marketers can typically do a better job raising profits by adding to the mailing package rather than subtracting from it.

Yes, there are ways to cut costs without hurting the effectiveness of the mailing. You can, for example, make small changes to the package size to make it run more efficiently on your printer’s press. Or you can test cheaper paper stocks, smaller formats, or dropping the brochure.

But don’t rush into cutting your direct mail package. Before making any changes, it’s good to remind everyone of the mailing’s objective. And for most of us, the main objective of a mailing is to make a profit-not to save money.

Eliminating package components, mailing cheaper lists, eliminating the premium may save money in the short term but slashing package cost is seldom the answer. Typically, we’ll do a much better job of increasing long-term profit by adding to our package. For example, you can increase your mailing’s profit-even as you increase its cost-by:

  • Feature an involvement technique. This could be a survey, membership card, petition, name stickers, a certificate-anything that gets the reader involved with the package. You can’t, however, just add the involvement device to the package and expect it to work its magic. It must be worked into the copy and given a reason for being included in the package.
  • Include a premium in your offer. I’m an avid believer in premiums and need a reason not to include one. You don’t need to spend lots of money for the premium-it can be as simple as a decal, white paper, or a paper bookmark. It does need, however, to have a perceived value to the reader. Some groups, believing that they cheapen the value of the organization, refuse to test a premium. Yet, most customers and donors respond well to them and, when used properly, a premium-despite its added cost-can increase the mailing’s net profit.
  • Try a larger format. Mailing a larger format can increase both your postage and production costs. Yet they grab attention and drive response. Today, fewer groups are using oversize formats because of their higher costs. But in past tests, when nothing other than the format size was changed, I’ve increased response by 100% with an oversize format.
  • Add an insert that draws attention to your guarantee. The mailing’s recipient has plenty of reasons-real or perceived-not to respond to your offer and the guarantee helps remove any doubt that might otherwise endanger the sale. And by highlighting your guarantee with a separate insert, you’re focusing attention to your promise for a good customer experience.
  • Feature a lift note. Have the lift note come from someone other than the main letter signer sign and print it on a paper stock that stands out from the main letter. Use it to customize the offer to particular list segments, present an endorsement, expand upon the offer and to give an added “push” to get the reader to respond.
  • Invest money in more sophisticated list segmentation techniques. Even the best mailing lists include names that won’t respond to your offer and every bad list includes names that will. And since the mailing list is the most important component of your mailing, there’s no better place to invest money than to refine your list segmentation techniques. List modeling/profiling isn’t inexpensive but with improved segmentation you can boost your response and even minimize your total costs by mailing fewer, but better targeted, mailing pieces.

All this isn’t to suggest that you should drop your efforts to reduce costs. But as direct marketers, we’ll do far better by shifting the discussion from how to cut costs to how we can make our mailings more profitable.

How to Become a 5 Star Restaurant Chef

Here’s why; as a five-star restaurant chef, you will be able to work closely with other chefs from around the world and learn new techniques from them every day. You will have access to some of the best ingredients that money can buy, and finally, as a five-star restaurant chef, your dishes will be guaranteed for success because every detail has been perfected beforehand.

What does it take to become a five-star rated chef? Here are a few tips.

Be professional
Professionalism is one of the most important traits of a five-star restaurant chef. It means that they need to be polite, punctual, and adaptable. If you aren’t, then your customers will not take you seriously which could lead to failure for both yourself and your establishment. There’s no doubt about it, being professional is key if you want people to see how good a job you do cooking up delicious dishes every night at the cafe or during the day shift at an upscale bistro (or whatever type of place you work in).

Being professional will also be evident in the way you treat your fellow staff members and how you present yourself. You must know the right way to dress and maintain good hygiene, as well as the correct etiquette. If your customers see that other people in your workplace are not acting professionally, then they will expect a low standard from you too.

When cooking dishes for a five-star restaurant, there is no room for mistakes or imperfections; everything has to be done perfectly. There’s going to be pressure when working at this level but if you have an eye for detail and can focus on getting things just right, then being a five-star chef could be perfect for you. Start out by learning some basic skills such as knife work before building these into more complex techniques which can later help you towards creating amazing opportunities for yourself in terms of career progression.

Working as a five-star chef will require you to be an extremely hard worker, however if this is something that interests you then it could make for the perfect role. Make sure your CV stands out and gets noticed by showing initiative in your previous roles and how this can impact on working at such a high standard of cooking. If you prove yourself to be capable enough then there are opportunities available for those who want them which could lead onto becoming one of the most successful chefs around.

Cook with passion
Every chef should have a passion for cooking, it is their job after all. If you do not have a passion for cooking, then you are unlikely to be able to put the extra effort in that will make your dishes really stand out from everyone else’s. Passion can help lead onto innovation which means being creative with food and thinking outside of the box. Be original, experiment with different ingredients and don’t be afraid to try something new or unusual at least once just so you know whether or not it works. Don’t let this scare you either as working hard usually pays off eventually; think about how many times Michelin star restaurants have gained another one by improving on their old menu items over time. If they didn’t believe these changes would work then they wouldn’t bother doing it in the first place.

Stay current on the latest trends in food and cooking techniques
Trends in the world of culinary arts are changing every day. Some of the internet’s biggest foodies and bloggers are constantly testing out new recipes that will soon become mainstream, but you don’t have to wait until then to try something they discovered. By staying up-to-date with what people on social media are saying about food, cooking techniques or even restaurants around your city, is a great way to know whether or not it’s worth trying these out yourself.

Keep your knives sharpened, clean, and sanitized
Your tools are your most important asset as a chef, and hence it’s important to maintain them. Keeping your knives sharpened is one of the best ways you can ensure they stay effective in cutting ingredients for cooking. If it becomes dull, not only will you have a harder time using it but also risk injury when attempting to slice something with an unsharpened knife. It is important to buy quality knives if you wish to become a five-star restaurant chef because sharp knives are essential in order to prepare food well and avoid injuries when working with kitchen utensils. Keeping your tools in good condition will also improve efficiency when cooking delicious dishes that will impress customers.

Use fresh ingredients when you can to create dishes that are delicious and healthy
Creativity is a prerequisite to becoming a good chef. In order to create beautiful tasting and attractive dishes, a chef needs to use only the freshest of ingredients. Fresh ingredients help to bring out the flavor in meals, making them even more appetizing for diners.

Listen to what your customers want so they will come back again
If you don’t listen to your customers’ needs and wants, then they will go somewhere else where they can get what they want. The customer is the most important person in your restaurant, and hence, it’s the responsibility of each staff member to listen and understand their needs. It is up to you as a restaurant owner or chef, what type of experience that you want your customers to have when they come in for food. By understanding what your customer wants, you can make sure every visit will be satisfying.

Restaurants are like any other business; if no one is returning then there isn’t much point in having it open for hours. If the service at restaurants becomes poor because employees don’t care about their jobs or take them too seriously, this reflects badly on the company so it might not last long unless changes are made quickly.

Becoming a five-star restaurant chef wearing a fancy monogrammed chef coat can have many benefits, including being able to choose your own hours and work the kind of schedule you want. You also find yourself cooking for people who appreciate high quality food and getting paid well in return. Another benefit is having interesting conversations with other chefs all over the world about new recipes or techniques they love using when making dishes. If this sounds like something that interests you, then perhaps it’s time to start learning how to become a five-star restaurant chef today.