Some of the Most Powerful Yet Underutilized Online Marketing Tools

With the onset of the various online marketing tools or programs that are available for every individual or businesses for use, percentage of usage is shown to be directly related with the popularity of the programs.

Recent online studies have shown that aside from the previously noted fact, there are marketing tools which are still underutilized but surprisingly, may give a major plus factor to an individual or a business’ aim of spiking up sales.

To start up, let us discuss the unseen benefits of employing the aid of iPhone Apps That Support Purchasing. Experts found out that only 35% of online marketers use the wonderful marketing features of this tool. More and more people are becoming mobile and it is also concluded that around 81% of shoppers would typically browse through their smart phones and mobile devices while lingering on the shopping malls. These types of buyers no longer accept on-site or on-store promotions, offers or coupons, including the traditional push offers. Thus, it might be a good idea to take advantage of this recent trend.

The simple button created and employed by the leading social networking site Facebook is also on the list, the “Like” button. What does this mini button have to do with success in online marketing and why is it considered an online effective marketing tool? Embedding the “like” button in a website has noted to be a very effective online marketing tool in boosting sales of businesses that already maximized the use of it. To explain in the simplest way, the “like” button has the same purpose of enabling customer review of a business, the product or the service. In literal terms, it may also denote market acceptance, a general impression or rating obtained by the business from its customers. At times, the like button can be an implicit recommendation button by the previously satisfied clients.

Chat and live customer support is the next marketing tool which had fairly gained its share of success but not of fame. Basically, when a customer has some concerns that need to be addressed especially when it’s a problem or an urgent query, he/ she definitely won’t be pleased on waiting for a mail feedback that might take weeks to arrive, a call that might be put on cue, and an e-mail for an instance. Hence, the best tool in such instance is the use of live customer support or direct customer chat. Aside from hastily addressing an urgent concern and a useful aid to maintain excellent customer service, it is also best to revert back to a customer and use such as an online marketing tool, that is, the business’ online representatives may use these programs to directly promote and sell a product or service to a person. Numerous online sales transactions were already consummated using this wonderful online marketing tool.

Previously cited online marketing tools are just but a few of the vast useful programs suitable for even the most extraneous online marketing program.