Email Marketing Tips – Five Email Marketing Tips to Super-Charge Your Business

Wikipedia defines email marketing as ‘…a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to an audience’.

And if you’ve been online for any length of time (even a few months!) you’ll know that email marketing has become one of the fastest growing business strategies because of its ability to make use of automating software (autoresponder) to manage and build a relationship with your subscribers.

If you’re just starting to learn about email marketing and build your list here’s our ‘Five Top Email Marketing Tips’ for your business:

1. Slow down pony!

Yes I know you want results and I know you’re keen to share your business with your new subscriber but if you try to rush things with your subscribers you risk turning them off completely. You absolutely have to build trust and you do that through giving your subscribers fantastic content. Think about the lists you yourself have signed up for. Do you always open emails from a particular person before others? Think about why that is – odds are it’s because you know that person always provides you with something of value. There isn’t an exact formula for free content versus ‘sales’ content but I like to stick to roughly 3:1. So for every 3 emails of free content I would send one ‘sales’ content email.

2. Ask for the sale

So you’ve given great free content but now you want your list to take action and buy something. Here’s not the time to be shy – be very specific about what you want your list to do e.g.: ‘Click here for the latest report’ or ‘Visit Now’

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Don’t make decision from small amounts of data. When you first start out you won’t have too much data to go on and it’s tempting to take that small sample of data and make decisions about whether or not a particular email subject, body copy etc has been successful.

Always allow your campaigns to gather enough data before you make a decision as to whether they have been effective.

4. Click, click, click

You want your list to be responsive to i.e.: click on, the links that you include in your emails. It doesn’t just happen randomly. By including some kind of link in every email you send out you are getting your list into the habit of clicking.

It can be a link to something you want them to buy or just a great blog you’ve read lately or a piece of free software that you use all the time in your own business.

5. Test, test, test

Testing your emails is an important part of email marketing. Successful marketers are always testing what is working and what’s not. You name it, they test it – ads, landing pages, headlines, opt in forms, subject lines, background colours, fonts etc. Testing one thing against another (sometimes called A/B testing) allows you to continually improve on your last performance in small increments.

When it comes to your email marketing, testing couldn’t be easier because most or it can be handled through your autoresponder software.

Email marketing is here to stay and the winners in the game will be those who know how to balance content and sales.

Follow these email marketing tips and start building a relationship with your list today!