Offline Direct Marketing Follow Up Tactics

Creating an e-dialogue with your customers has its rewards and challenges.

Are you prepared? If you’ve already integrated email into your marketing plan, you know that gathering the email addresses of your customers and prospects (while essential) is only the beginning. Lead follow-up is the key to continuous business. After all, customers buy when their ready to, not when companies want them to. So, if a small business keeps in contact with their leads, they will most likely walk away with the sale. That is why many companies must adopt a lead follow-up system: so they are the one standing there when the prospect is ready to become a customer. But, lead follow-up needs to be consistent, even persistent, right? So, when does lead follow-up change from continuous contact to pestering?

Here are a few offline direct marketing follow up tactics you can use:

  • Offline direct marketing follow up tactics #1:

Offer something of value in the follow-up. The point of lead follow-up is to warm the leads that weren’t ready to buy yet. Give them something they will appreciate. This gives you another “excuse” for contacting the lead and makes them feel obligated to you. Staying in contact is the key, even if the prospect is not asked to purchase something every time.

  • Offline direct marketing follow up tactics #2:

slow the lead follow-up down. If the prospect seems irritated by the constant communication, slow it down. As long you have the prospects information, your lead follow-up can be adapted to meet the needs of your prospects. But don’t let too much time pass before you contact them again. Consistent lead follow-up needs to be made to increase the chance of a sale.

  • Offline direct marketing follow up tactics #3:

Integrate mail & email, Reach your customers, wherever they are. Today, that could be offline or online, phone, on paper or strictly electronically.

  • Offline direct marketing follow up tactics #4:

Process Marketing – Process marketing is the stuff you can do every day as part of your normal routine. It’s long term, grows over time and rarely requires you to spend your hard-earned cash. Use business cards, brand all your stationery with your URL, talk to people about your business and look for PR opportunities in the local press.

Marketing for Small Business on the Internet

Marketing on the Internet involves online advertising to reach potential customers. It requires creativity like designing, development and technical aspects like marketing and advertising. Affiliate marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing and interactive advertising are all different facets of marketing on the internet. It also includes sales, public relations, information management, and customer service.

Direct marketing techniques like radio and television commercials, mailings, and newsletters are the inspirations for small business internet marketing, which involves direct response marketing strategies. Business-to-business, also known as B2B, and business-to-consumer, also known as B2C, are the two business models to which internet marketing for small business can be linked.

The entrepreneurs marketing their services or products on the internet are at an advantage. They don’t need to put huge amounts of energy and time into an internet marketing plan like other traditional methods. With the help of few resources, national and international markets can be reached. Websites and blogs have been developed for this purpose. Using the internet to market a small business is helpful because data is easily available on the internet and people are using the internet more and more. Newsletters can be directly sent to customers and if it doesn’t contain the information they are looking for, they can search for information about the product online, make a decision and purchase it online itself.

Reaching local customers via the internet is a fairly new process for many local and family owned businesses. They’ve typically used other methods and many are now realizing that many consumers search the internet before they decide who to call for their local needs.

Business owners should strongly consider using the internet to market their products and services. Online is the place for small businesses to be found by potential customers these days.

Kelly Dear is a marketing consultant for small businesses. She works with many small business in the Atlanta area to help them develop their online presence and be found by customers searching for their services.

A Review of IMMACC – Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center

The Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center, known as IMMACC, was founded by seasoned entrepreneur and marketing expert, Gerald Van Yerxa, the owner of ConAsia Global Internet. As the former owner of a well-known advertising agency and a chain of highly successful radio stations in Western Canada, and a former member of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, Van Yerxa has incorporated his years of brick and mortar marketing experience into his internet mentoring and coaching program.

IMMACC’s vision is to empower individuals and businesses by offering them internet marketing education, mentoring and coaching that will enable them to master the techniques necessary to become successful internet marketers.

The core product is a powerful lifetime membership to a mentoring program that offers a complete state of the art internet marketing mentoring and coaching system with access to archived teaching and training videos as well as live mentoring and coaching sessions.

The highly successful online marketing and mentoring program was launched in January of 2008 as Big Ticket To Wealth, directing its energy toward providing an income opportunity for individuals who had a desire to make money online by developing their own internet marketing business.

Today, with an emphasis on teaching and training individuals how to effectively market virtually any product or service online, IMMACC is attracting online and offline business owners who want to enhance their online presence, as well as those looking to start up a new internet business.

Currently, the company has over 700 hours of archived training and education, three live mentoring sessions each week and a library of resources designed to equip its members with the means necessary to create successful and profitable businesses.

The training and education available to the members is continually updated and kept current with the changes and fluctuations within the internet marketing arena.

IMMACC identifies teamwork as a critical factor in the success of its program. Not only do members have direct access to a personal mentor, but the Coaching Center also provides access to the synergy that results from the sharing of knowledge and experience among the entire IMMACC team.

In addition to the mentoring and education, IMMACC offers a lucrative and powerful direct sales opportunity. Included in the cost of membership are the exclusive international affiliate rights to market the mentoring and training program. With every sale of the program generating a minimum $1,000 commission for the affiliate, this presents a very affordable (attractive) way for an entrepreneur to earn income while learning how to become a successful internet marketer.